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Model: 033776
Blank pageEM3210 is an electric lawnmower from NAKAYAMA that combines modern design with excellent ergonomics; the high quality low-noise electric motor and the 3-positions central adjustment for cutting to the desired height, make it the perfect tool. It features a practical carrying handle and fol..
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Model: 066361
• Cutting width 32cm• Collection Bag: 25Lt• 3 Position settings (25/45/65mm)• Front/Rear wheel: 140mm• Tool-free installation..
Ex Tax:79.00€
Model: 014300
Blank pageMetal Fuel Tank From NAKAYAMAIdeal for Safe Transporting and Storing Fuel..
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Model: 034278
Blank pageTelescopic Grass Trimmer from NAKAYAMAThe ideal solution to care for and beautify your garden is one! ET6100 electric hedge trimmer, a machine that offers you maximum efficiency in the maintenance of your garden.Includes *auto headFeed System : Auto-feedProtectorTelescopic tube Nylon line ..
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Model: 034308
Blank pageHedge - Grass Trimmer from NAKAYAMAThe ideal tool to achieve the best results in your garden with maximum precision for fast and clean cuts. Features a L-ion battery and an ergonomic grip for added comfort during use. Efficient and safe, the trimmer you need to add to your collection...
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Model: 024736
Blank pageGH1000 is a water reel from NAKAYAMA that features a hose and a pistol. Easy to use and transport; the ideal tool for reaching the hard spots on gardens and yards...
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Model: 032892
Blank page2 Stroke  Gasoline Sprayer with 26cc ΝΑΚΑΥΑΜΑ.Air Cooled EngineWith Steel Frame And Brass PumpEasy to Transport Between FieldsHigh Spraying Capacity20 m High Pressure HoseDelivered with Spraying Gun..
Ex Tax:139.00€
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